5 Common Bugs On Dogs.

Bugs and their bites are very common incidences faced by dog owners. There are a number of bugs that attack your dog and make it ill. So, as a responsible dog parent, you should know the different types of bugs to understand, recognize, treat and prevent your dog from infestations by giving it relevant treatments such as dog flea medication for flea infestation.

So, let’s see some common bugs on your dog.


  1. Mites 

Mite—Demodectic mange, is a common bug that generally affects your dog. It lives on your dog’s skin and hair follicles. If your dog is highly infested with this type of parasite, then your dog can cause itching, scratching and hair loss.

  1. Heartworms

Heartworm—Dirofilaria immitis, is one of the most dangerous parasites that affects the dogs. The Heartworm’s larva is transmitted to your dog through mosquitoes. Once the larva enters in your dog’s body, it migrates in your dog’s lungs and heart and starts growing there. It is a severe condition for your dog that may lead to death, if it not gets a proper treatment.


  1. Intestinal Parasites

There are a number of intestinal worms such as hookworms, tapeworms, roundworms and whipworms that your adorable pooch take from its environment; like contaminated soil, water, from other parasites like fleas and so on.


  1. Fleas

Flea is a wingless insect and has  strong legs to jump long distances and navigate through skin coat and hair of mammals. It sucks the blood of your dog and can cause a number of problems  such as anemia, tapeworm infections and allergic dermatitis.


  1. Ticks

Similarly like flea, tick  also feeds on the blood of dog, cat and human. It jumps on a host and attaches its modified mouthpart to your dog’s skin and sucks the blood until this area becomes engorged. It can also spread so many serious diseases in your dog. So, you should take up effective  dog and cat tick control measures to prevent them from tick infestation.

Thus, these are the most common parasites that attack your lovely four legged companion and make it sick. So you can use a product such as Frontline Plus For Dogs; it protects your dog from provoking fleas and ticks. It not only kills the adult fleas and ticks but also eliminates larvae and eggs.

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